BestSecret Diaries

A series of extraordinary portraits about extraordinary people who all have one thing in common: they love what they do.

DIR — Rosalie Di Natale
DP —
Hee-Seong Han
1. AC + EDIT + GRADE — Julian Wildner
2. AC — Constantin Iandolino
Producer — Paul Jax
Styling — Anna Jax

BestSecret SS21

Beauty captured in a intimate, fine, optimistic and at the same time fragile atmosphere. 

DIR — Rosalie Di Natale
DP — Hee-Seong Han
1. AC + EDIT + GRADE — Julian Wildner

Kempinski — PUR

Delicious and mastered purity embedded in a majestic and impressive surrounding.

DIR + EDIT — Alejandra Ruiz-Zorrilla
DP — Julian Wildner

Supertecture — Tansania

With young and volunteering architects from all over the world we belive: “Good design is not a first world privilege.”

DP — Marc Heine
EDIT — Julian Wildner
Grading — Loris Gleixner